What is the Steve Redgrave Fund?

The Steve Redgrave Fund aims to use the power and inspiration of sport to bring about positive change in the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and their communities. To achieve this, the Steve Redgrave Fund teams up with other organisations to promote physical and emotional wellbeing, the inclusion of people having difficulties in their lives, community cohesion, and education.

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What is the relationship between the Steve Redgrave Fund, Sport Relief and Comic Relief?

The Steve Redgrave Fund (formerly known as the Steve Redgrave Charitable Trust) was established as an independent charity in 2001. In 2008, having exceeded the original target of £5 million set by Sir Steve and given his on-going support of Comic Relief, the Trust joined the Comic Relief family to form the Steve Redgrave Fund. The Steve Redgrave Fund is managed by Comic Relief which is registered with the Charity Commission, No. 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland).

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Can I fundraise for the Steve Redgrave Fund?

Yes! And thank you for thinking about us! We welcome all fundraising and are glad that you are keen to support us. Unfortunately we are unable to provide specific fundraising materials such as buckets, collecting tins or forms; but we would love to hear about your fundraising ideas here.

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How do I pay my money in?

Thank you for fundraising for the Steve Redgrave Fund! Please make cheques payable to the Steve Redgrave Fund and send them to Rebecca Hanshaw, Steve Redgrave Fund, 5th Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP.

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Where does the money go?

The money raised will support the Steve Redgrave Fund promoting sporting activities to deliver positive change in disadvantaged people's lives. Money raised will also be shared equally with Sport Relief, which harnesses the power and passion of sport to change lives for the better in the UK and in some of the poorest countries around the world.

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Can Sir Steve Redgrave come to my fundraising event?

Thank you for your invitation, and we really appreciate your fundraising efforts but unfortunately we're overwhelmed with requests and can't fulfil them all as Sir Steve Redgrave is really busy.

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Can a Comic Relief staff member come to our event?

We really appreciate being invited but unfortunately we won't be able to come as we are a small team and really busy. But thank you and good luck.

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Are there legal dos and don'ts I should consider?

We really appreciate your support, but please remember that you are responsible for your fundraising so make sure it's safe and legally sound. Have a look at "The Serious Bit" to find out more.

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The Serious Bit

A huge thanks for fundraising for the Steve Redgrave Fund! We really appreciate your support and would ask you to always remember that it's very important to take care while fundraising.

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Keep it Legal

Please make sure your publicity and fundraising materials (e.g. posters) include the line: "In support of the Steve Redgrave Fund. The Steve Redgrave Fund and Sport Relief are managed by Comic Relief, registered with the Charity Commission, No. 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland). 50 percent of all the money raised by the Steve Redgrave Fund will be given to Sport Relief."

Please note that you are unable to use the Steve Redgrave Fund logo on your fundraising materials. If you wish to undertake fundraising, please email your ideas to enquiries@steveredgravefund.com

Comic Relief does not authorise you to act as an agent for or on behalf of Comic Relief/Sport Relief/the Steve Redgrave Fund, so your fundraising materials must not suggest that you represent the Steve Redgrave Fund.

If you are a business and you are fundraising by selling goods, services, or running a promotion, the law requires you to have a Fundraising Agreement with us. You may also need a Fundraising Agreement if you are a member of the public, and you are deducting any costs, expenses or other amounts from your fundraising. You can get your hands on one by emailing enquiries@steveredgravefund.com or writing to us at: Rebecca Hanshaw, Steve Redgrave Fund, 5th Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP.

We don't advise you to collect money in a public place or door to door. If you do choose to do so, you'll need a license from your local authority (you should find details about this on your local authority's website).

If you are planning a lottery (such as a raffle, tombola or sweepstake), you should be aware that there are strict laws and rules about what you can do. For those of you in England, Wales or Scotland, the Gambling Commission publishes useful guidance about these at gamblingcommission.gov.uk. The Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action publishes guidance for Northern Ireland at niva.org

If children (under 16) are involved in fundraising in any way, please make sure they have permission from their parent or guardian, and are supervised by a responsible adult. Children should not approach strangers about fundraising.

Please be safe! Whilst we really appreciate your support, Comic Relief is not responsible for organising, supervising or hosting your fundraising activity and all activities and participation in them are at the organisers' and participants' own risk.

Comic Relief does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss of damage, or for any death or personal injury, arising out of any fundraising activity, including liability as a result of negligence (except death or personal injury caused by Comic Relief's negligence).

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Can I apply to the Steve Redgrave Fund for a grant?

The Steve Redgrave Fund is currently developing its work around school based indoor rowing with agreed future partners. As such it is not possible to apply directly for a grant.

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Can I get Sir Steve Redgrave's autograph?

Unfortunately we are unable to respond to autograph requests. Please send all requests and invitations here.

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