Your Call Your Community Legacy Award Holders

In partnership with the Steve Redgrave Fund, Live UnLtd has launched Your Call Your Community.

Following the success of Your Call Your Community, the Steve Redgrave Fund in partnership with UnLtd has selected five projects to benefit from more funding. These projects will be delivered over the course of the next year by the YCYC Legacy Award Holders.

To meet the YCYC Legacy Award Holders, visit the Stories section of this site.


Your Call Your Community

In partnership with the Steve Redgrave Fund, Live UnLtd has launched Your Call Your Community.

The Steve Redgrave Fund teamed up with UnLtd, the young people’s social entrepreneurship charity, to create Your Call Your Community (YCYC). 25 young people who were united by their desire to be the change they wanted to see in their community were recruited.

Each was supported with a cash award of up to £2,500 and a dedicated member of the Live UnLtd team who helped turned ideas into reality. This was a great success and we estimated that these young people impacted the lives of approximately 1,300 people in their communities.

“…..Everything I hoped for, for the project happened and I greatly appreciate the help of UnLtd and the backing of Sir Steve Redgrave.” Kamran, YCYC Award Holder


Partnership with UnLtd

In partnership with the Steve Redgrave Fund, Live UnLtd has launched Your Call Your Community.

In partnership with the Steve Redgrave Fund, Live UnLtd has launched Your Call Your Community.

If you’re aged 11-21, Your Call Your Community is your chance to be the change you want to see in your area. This could be reopening a disused space for something creative, promoting health and fitness through the power of sport, or running an event which brings different people in your area together.

If your idea is backed, you’ll be supported by a dedicated member of the Live UnLtd team and receive a cash Award of up to £2,500 to help make it happen!



In April 2012, the Steve Redgrave Fund rolled out its indoor rowing initiative across Belfast.

In April 2012, the Steve Redgrave Fund rolled out its indoor rowing initiative across Belfast. The grant which will be delivered by Queen’s University Belfast in partnership with Belfast City Council and Belfast Education and Library Board, aims to develop and deliver a new community indoor rowing programme for the City of Belfast that will improve the health, fitness and well being of young people. The programme is being delivered in four schools, four community centres and at Queen’s Physical Education Centre.

Launching the project at Queen’s University Belfast, Sir Steve said:

“Everyone has been incredibly positive about the initiative and it’s so rewarding to see the young people using the machines so enthusiastically. Sporting activity is essential for children’s growth and development – and rowing is a great way to do just that. I’m sure the programme here in Belfast will be a huge success.”


Launch of New Indoor Rowing Project in Middlesbrough

Sir Steve Redgrave with children at the Middlesborough launch
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November 2010 saw the launch of the latest indoor rowing initiative, this time in schools and colleges across Middlesbrough.

The grant from the Steve Redgrave Fund, delivered in cooperation with the School Sport Partnership, saw 11 schools and three colleges benefit from the indoor rowing scheme which will provide each institution with five rowing machines and accessories. Machine providers, Concept 2, will also train teachers to link up the rowing machines for competitions on a local, regional or national basis and provide teachers with ideas on how to incorporate rowing into the curriculum.

The project aims to incorporate rowing into PE classes and ensure that all pupils have access to high quality physical education and sport in a school or college setting. Sir Steve spoke to pupils about the importance of taking part in curricular and extra curricular physical education during a special assembly at Oakfields Community College. Sir Steve said:

"It's been fantastic to see everyone take to the machines with such enthusiasm. The great thing about this initiative is that it's something that all pupils can get involved in - especially appealing to those who consider themselves 'non-sporty'. I'm sure it will become a positive force in the schools and show the benefits of getting involved and being active, which is the long term result we're looking for."

To celebrate the launch, Sir Steve then started a competition which saw teams of six representatives from schools and colleges across Middlesbrough go head to head in a rowing relay race.


Raam Update

Raam begins Raam on the road

The Sir Steve Redgrave Crew crossed the breadth of the United States of America in 7 days 3 hours and 42 minutes, which was under their target of 8 days.

This was a great achievement given that Sir Steve sustained severe injuries, which thankfully he has made a good recovery from.

Congratulations to the team: Sir Steve, Malcolm, Ian , John Peter, Francis, Nick and Jonathan.

Thanks also for all the donations we received, especially the main sponsor Medtronic.

Generous donations were also made by Winton Capital Management and Thomsit.

Thanks also to Land Rover, BA, Specialized and Rapha for their support.


Race Across America

Sir Steve Redgrave with children at the Southampton launch

Race Across America is Sir Steve's latest challenge. Joined by a team of former rowers and friends Steve and his team are competing in the toughest cycle race in the world. Crossing from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland, a distance of 3,000 miles in just 8 days, crossing 14 States, 2 mountain ranges, 100,000ft of climbing (that's more than 3 times the height of Mt Everest!) and every extreme of weather; this is the ultimate cycling challenge.

To support this amazing challenge please donate here.


Southampton Launch - 2009

Sir Steve Redgrave with children at the Southampton launch

Sir Steve Redgrave visited Redbridge Community School to mark the launch of his school's indoor rowing initiative in Southampton. The £100,000 grant from the Steve Redgrave Fund, delivered in co-operation with The School Sport Partnership, sees 13 schools and two colleges across Southampton benefit from the indoor rowing scheme.

Sir Steve kicked off the launch with a relay race between representatives of the participating schools and colleges. Julia Tucker-Blackford from The Southampton School Partnership said: "The rowing scheme adds a new and exciting dimension to the current PE curriculum, and will motivate and challenge pupils who presently have a low level of activity."


Rochdale Launch - 2008

Sir Steve Redgrave with children at the Rochdale launch

The Steve Redgrave Fund is delighted to announce its partnership with Rochdale Borough.

Working with Concept2, NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale, Rochdale Healthy Schools and the Schools Sports Partnership for Cardinal Langley and Siddal Moor, the initiative will provide 16 Rochdale schools with rowing machines, helping them to increase physical activity in the Borough.

This will lead to an annual Rochdale schools indoor rowing competition and will also provide schools with an additional tool to help them bring learning to life by utilising the rowing machines with other parts of the school curriculum such as Mathematics and Science.


The Steve Redgrave Fund

Sir Steve Redgrave

On February 1 2008, the Steve Redgrave Trust became the Steve Redgrave Fund as it joined with Sport Relief and became a part of the Comic Relief family.

After successfully exceeding his target of £5 million raised in five years, Sir Steve decided to refocus his charitable endeavours and work alongside Sport Relief.

The Steve Redgrave Fund is now focused on building on the projects which have already proved so successful in areas such as Birmingham, Glasgow, Sandwell and Cardiff - addressing problems associated with lack of exercise, obesity, social inclusion and confidence among children and young people in Britain.

Money raised by the Fund will be shared equally with Sport Relief which supports vulnerable people living incredibly tough lives both in the UK and in the world's poorest countries.


Sir Steve Redgrave

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