Success Stories

In 2004, through his Trust, Sir Steve worked with Birmingham City Council and Concept2 to install rowing machines in 20 secondary schools, aimed at improving the self esteem, team building and fitness of young people.


Funmi, 20

"I believe that empowerment is self-taught and self-earned and our young people need to be given the opportunities and platform to empower themselves – and that’s what TIMS is doing. Ultimately, we want to inspire all the young people that we work closely with to develop their skills and heighten their aspirations. We want them to lead the legacy!”

The Institute of Mad Science (TIMS) seeks to inspire young minds (from 5 – 18) into science and maths through education, mentoring and opportunities.

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Cynthia, 22

“A skill learnt is an investment and life is about appreciating and maximising everything. Looking to the future, I’d love to expand Divine Enterprises and open a restaurant which can support other young people and also provide the funds to invest in their ideas.”

Divine Enterprise consists of Kitchen Delights, Divine Caterers and Rising Stars and teaches young people about healthy eating and cooking.


Ismat, 18

“I live by the motto ‘if you believe, you will achieve’ therefore I want to instil that positive mentality into the players so they have self believe and confidence in their own ability.”

Ismat set up a 5-a-side football project targeting younger boys in his community, which suffers from anti-social behaviour, high unemployment and a lack of opportunities for young people.

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Donald, 19

“I won’t win five gold medals or become a great Olympian but I will try to channel the attitude of Sir Steve Redgrave into everything I do. My hopes and inspiration for the future has always been what Ghandi said, ‘be the change you want to see’ and I want my life to count and make a difference to others. It’s not easy but every day I will move closer to that goal.”

Donald is bringing communities together by offering free sport sessions in football, cricket and keep fit. Alongside this, young people can access career advice.


Emily and Lucy, 17

“I love being part of this project as every event is a new opportunity. I’ve learnt so many new skills such as how to cook and deal with customers. I’ve also done by food and hygiene level 2. I love being part of it and showing people what we’re capable of doing. I hope in five years, the Food Freeway is a business for many young people to be part of!” - Emily

“I like helping other young people because it gets them off the street and gives them so many opportunities such as qualifications, cookery skills and experience in how to work and run their own social enterprise. It’s great to be able to give free training so everyone can access it.” - Lucy

Emily and Lucy are part of the award winning Food Freeway based in RCT, South Wales. Food Freeway is a social enterprise training project which provides training, education and hands on experience in running a social enterprise. It also provides taster sessions and community cookery lessons to looked after children and young carers. All free of charge.


PE Teacher Steve Mansfield

"Although the rowers have helped with fitness and training, the biggest thing that they've brought us is the lads working together, school spirit. For us they've been a huge success."